Blockchain Alternative Investment Conference

Jun 17 - Jun 18
UK, Westminster


The only blockchain conference focused on institutional investors, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, private banks,

family offices, high net worth / ultra high net worth individuals, and accredited individuals.


  • Leading fund managers in cryptocurrencies
  • CEOs of successful ICOs from 2017 and 2018
  • Institutions and private investors responsible for over US$750 billion of assets under management


Day One: BAIConf Speeches and Panel Discussions
June 18th
  • The $1 Trillion Opportunity: Overcoming Barriers to Institutional Adoption of CryptoAssets
  • Valuation of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Projects: The War Between Theory and Practice for Institutional Investors
  • Custody, Settlement, Security, Counterparty Risk, and Fraud Protection in Institutional Crypto Asset Investments: Leading Edge Practices and Expensive Lessons Learned
  • Hedge Fund and Family Office Investor Insights: Where Are Players Really Investing in
  • The Regulatory Crackdown on Crypto Assets and ICOs: What Every Institutional Investor Needs to Know
  • Beyond Speculation: Investment Opportunities in Real World Applications of Blockchain
  • Exclusive Panel Discussions on Institutional Investing in Cryptofunds, ICOs, Crypto Angel/VC, Asset Tokenisation, and Direct Placements
Day Two: BAIConf Exhibition
June 19th
  • Welcome and Opening Remarks, Exhibits Open
  • Building a Blockchain Britain
  • Fireside chat with William Mougayar
  • Beyond Speculation: Investing in Real World Applications of Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrencies, Utility Tokens and Security Tokens: The Emergence of a New Asset Class
  • Blockchain Tech Trends to Watch
  • ICO Pitch competition


Nick Szabo
Intellectual Father of Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts
Ari Paul
Blocktower Capital Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer
Andy Bromberg
ANDY BROMBERG Coinlist CEO and Co-Founder
Remington Ong
Fenbushi Capital Partner
Michael Sonnenshein
Grayscale Investments Managing Director
James Radecki
Cumberland DRW Global Head
John Pfeffer
Pfeffer Capital Founder and Partner
Imogen Bunyard
Qadre Co-Founder
Alex Batlin
ConsenSys / Trustology Founder and CEO
Lex Sokolin
Autonomous Next Global Director Fintech Strategy, Partner
Jeremy Allaire
Circle CEO
Marieke Flament
Circle Managing Director
William Mougayar
JM3 Capital Managing Partner and CIO
Jamie Burke
Outlier Ventures CEO and Founder
Jon Matonis
Rockchain Founding Director
Adam Leonard
BlockEx CEO
Fabian Westerheide
Asgard Capital CEO
Jean-Marie Mognetti
CoinShares CIO
Pindar Wong
VeriFi Chairman and President
Oliver Von Landsberg-Sadie
BCB Group Founder and CEO
Toby Lewis
Novum CEO
Kevin Beardsley
B2C2 Managing Director
Iqbal Gandham
eToro Managing Director
Sue Mclean
Baker Mckenzie Partner
David Fields
PTB Ventures Founder and Managing Partner
Lee Pruitt
InstaSupply CEO
Eric Turner
Messari Director of Research
Dr. Nic Niedermowwe
Prime Factor Capital CEO
David Siegel
Pillar Co-Founder/CEO
Vishnu Chundi
Asset Vault CEO & Co-Founder
Dr. Naseem Naqvi
British Blockchain Association Co-Founder
Craig Sproule
Crowd Machine Founder & CEO
Don Thibeau
Distributed Ledger Foundation Chairman and President
Adi Ben-Ari
Applied Blockchain Founder and CEO
Konrad Dabrowski, CPA
Lucyd Co-Founder
Veronica Mihai Das
BloomWater Capital Founding Partner
Ismail Malik
Blockchain Lab CEO
Olga Feldmeier
Smart Valor CEO
Dr. Geoffrey Goodell
UCL Centre for Blockchain Technology & Oxford University Deputy Director
Lord Holmes
All Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain Co-chair
Garrick Hileman
Blockchain Head of Research
Pinar Emirdag
State Street SVP
Marc Taverner
Bitfury Head of Business Development and Global Ambassador
Damien Moore
UK Parliament MP
Rt. Hon Grant Shapps
UK Parliament MP
Ashley Fox
European Parliament Conservative Member
Kay Swinburne
European Parliament MEP
Manuel Anguita
Silver8 Co-Founder
Damir Bandalo
Columbus Capital General Partner
Kai Peeters
HiP Property Co-Founder
Daehun Nyang
Gruut Foundation Chairman and CTO
Barney Mannerings
Vega Protocol Founder
Daniel Arber
Repay Me Board Member
Helen Disney
BAIConf Executive Director
Jonathan Chang
Nauticus Co-Founder and COO
Bryan Ng
Nauticus Co-Founder
Guy Zbarsky
KeepGo CEO


Press Participation

Blockchain Alternative Investment Conference
Jun 17 - Jun 18 2018

8 Northumberland Ave, Westminster, London WC2N 5BY, UK

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